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The Funding Guide

Super-helpful funding resources for freedom seekers

You started a business because you couldn't bear working for the 'man' any more.

You dream of your liquidity event, and the travel you'll do after it. Your idea of a holiday is working somewhere with a view.

You are prepared for the 20 years this is going to take. You traded 40 hours a week for 70... but it's worth it because you're...free.

The Funding Guide is here to help you make smart funding decisions for your business so your liquidity event is everything you dreamed it would be. Our resources coach you to engineer more freedom in your operations, helping you fund your business in the best way at every stage.

How to Build A Compelling Pitch Deck

Sell your dream to investors so they actually buy it. Make sure your deck stands out from the thousands they see each year.

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Full List of Government Grants

We give you a full list of Government Grants for technology businesses in Australia as well as government-backed investment programs.

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Dos and Don'ts of Capital Raising

Avoid the long-term negative consequences of taking capital from investors.

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Our guides and resources have been created with honesty and are designed to help you avoid the pitfalls of bad funding outcomes.

Well Researched

We have gone deep on research on all our guides, to ensure you have the most up-to-date information on that aspect of business funding.

Coaching Notes

Our pitch decks aren't just pretty designs. Our decks include extensive coaching notes on how best present your company information and why each element is important to investors.

Extremely Detailed

From the precise financial metrics to include, to how to calculate those metrics, to legal ease & disclaimers - our materials have left no stoned unturned.

Our pitch decks make your business look pretty

Our Pitch Decks and Investment Memorandums are not just pretty designs (although, they look great!).They are a complete how-to on presenting your business story and data in a way that hooks investors. We provide in-depth and guidance on the exact contents, metrics, financial information and narrative elements to sell your small story to it's intended audience.

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Our 2 Page Teaser decks help you start the conversation with investors before taking a pitch meeting. They are a great door-opener to a broader conversation.

Our 18 - 21 page Pitch Decks are perfect to sell your big idea to investors in a Pitch Meeting. They are essential for the early stages of the process.

Once you're through the pitch round, you'll need our comprehensive IM templates. Our IMs are not just pretty designs. We provide designs and guidance on the exact contents, metrics, financial information and narrative elements to sell your small business story to investors.

1,719 Investor Contacts

Our Australian investor lists comprise of 1,719 contacts of VCs, Private Equity, Growth Funds, Brokers, Advisories, Incubators, Programs, Family Offices and Angel Investors.

579 contacts from Australian based angel investors.
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495 principal contacts for private equity investors.
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280 contacts from Australian-based Venture Funds and International funds investing in Australian businesses.
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106 contacts from programs, accelerators and incubators who can help you bring your idea to life.
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130 contacts from Australian companies willing to help you raise capital.
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74 contacts from Family Offices who actively invest in technology in Australia.
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50 contacts from 28 venture debt funds operating in Australia.
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That Would Be Helpful...

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